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Backpacking in Jaisalmer

by Maria J.

After visiting blue city – Jodhpur, I have packed my bag to embark journey towards Jaisalmer via Ramdevra. The train takes around 5 hours to reach Jaisalmer from Jodhpur. I reached Jaisalmer at around 12.30 PM. Since I don’t plan my itinerary, I am quite flexible in order to choose destinations. I have taken lunch at nearby Dhaba. The food was not that good but what can you expect for just Rs. 50. After having lunch, I have decided to search for accommodation. Usually, I don’t rely on Hotel booking apps. I just used them in order to see nearby good hotels and book directly with Hotel at the lesser price but this time something different was about to happen. I have opened Goibibo app and started searching accommodation in Jaisalmer. Out of my surprise, it was showing Oasis Camp Sam for Rs. 791. I though they will increase the price once I go to payment page but they haven’t. I called one fellow traveler who reached Jaisalmer yesterday and asked what is the price of tented accommodation in Sam?. He told me approx. Rs 4000-5000 . I immediately booked accommodation.

Now, it’s time to reach Sam. Since it was already 02.00 PM there was no bus or any other mode of transportation in order to reach at Oasis. I inquired typical three wheel driver he asked Rs 500. I was shocked. I mean I have to pay Rs. 500 one way in order to reach my camp which I have booked at Rs. 791. One guy, who was watching me while I was negotiating price advise me to get shared jeep to Kanoi and from there I might find someone one the way to Sam. I asked whether water will be available on the way. He said Yes. What else backpacker required.

Road from Jaisalmer to Sam

Shared jeep cost me Rs 40. I got down at Kanoi as jeep was about to take a different route. Now, open Google map and search for my destination. Which was about 7 Km from Kanoi. Taken a deep breath. Purchase water bottle from a small shop and started walking on the empty road. Ultimately backpacking is all about the experience. It was mid-Jan but the weather was bit hot due to barren land. I was on my way to Oasis with 5 Km left. I was approached by one camel rider to take me to my destination in Rs. 300. I thought if I would I have that much money, I would have taken a private vehicle. I politely denied. Then he again offered me for Rs 200. Again I denied. After that, he agrees to take me for Rs. 100. I thought it’s not a bad deal and I sat behind him on a camel.

Initially camel was walking on the road, it was a bit slowly but nonetheless, it was fun. Again, backpacking is all about the experience. Once we reached to dessert border, Camel had started running. We have covered remaining distance in no time. Let me tell you one secret of camel riding, It is not as comfortable as you think. ? Anyways it has served the purpose.

I have checked in at Camp. The room was best for the price I have paid. It was a big room with all the amenities. I had taken bath and prepared myself to hang out in the desert. The camp manager had given me a coupon for camel riding but I denied since I had an overdose of camel riding. So he offered me to have snacks at least. I obliged. After that, I have started exploring Dessert. I always fascinated by thing like this be it Mountain, dessert, Sea or Jungle. I had spent some good quality time in dessert. Click some pictures and came back to Camp.

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