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5 Simple Ways To Travel With Your Engraved Jewellery

by Maria J.

Even as you get the best of personalized jewellery from https://www.ineffabless.co.uk/personalised-bracelets/engraved-bracelets.html, it is a fact that packing jewellery for travels is an absolute nightmare. Usually, pieces your engraved jewellery, especially the earrings ends up getting lost making the other single useless. To avoid this and save your jewellery from getting tangled, lost or ruined you have to find innovative ways of packing your jewellery. Below are a few tips you can store your jewellery for easier travels.

  • Storing Your Engraved Jewellery In Straws

Though some custom made jewellery can have unique designs, chances are it will still have a long chain to be worn around the neck. When travelling, the long chain tends to tangle or get knotted increasing the chances of it breaking or being ruined. Loop and fasten the necklace through the straw and clasp. Though it does take a fair share of room, it results in no more tangled necklaces hence an excellent way of traveling with jewellery.  

  • Use Buttons To Store Your Engraved Jewellery

When trying to travel with a pair of earrings, the most common worry is losing a single earring from the pair. For you to ensure you travel to and from with both of them intact, reach out for a button to store a pair of earrings pair. To use, insert and clasp the earrings through the button hole and gather all of the earrings in a small pouch. Doing so ensures that they stay together and you avoid wasting time looking for a single piece of personalised jewellery in your luggage.

  • Use A Personalized Jewellery Box

As the name suggests, a jewellery box is a box that helps in keeping your jewellery organized. The sections allow you to safely store your engraved bracelet, ring or necklace separately hence keep them from mixing, getting lost or ruined. When choosing, select a small compact box to avoid the temptation of bringing with you every piece of jewellery you own.  

  • Use A Cardboard To Move Personalized Jewellery

A perfectly good DYI means of traveling with your personalised jewellery is using cardboard.  Punch holes through your stiff cardboard to match the number of earrings you wish to travel with. Insert your earrings through the holes and fasten them on the other side. Ideally, though it is an ineffective way of storing personalised bracelets it is highly effective for earrings as all you have to do is find a place in your luggage to slide in a piece of  cardboard.

  • Use A Mint Box To Store Personalized Jewellery

If you are not planning to travel with a lot of jewellery but still want quick, easy access, why not choose a mint box instead.  Before using, add a piece of cotton to minimize noise levels and protect your jewellery from damage when on the road. To use, place your personalised ring, bracelet, earing or necklace in the mint tin and you have a perfectly tidy and neat way of traveling with jewellery.  

  • Conclusion

When on the road, the tangling and risk of losing your engraved jewellery increases a tenfold.  For this reason, why not use the innovative means above to pack your jewellery. Overall, as traveling with jewellery will be easier; get your loved personalized jewellerty and end to see the world.

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